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Mind Control Stories – How Negative Words Can Ruin Your Mind Control Techniques

Getting people to do what you want, or to think in a certain way, can be as easy as pie. In the past, many of my mind control stories have something to do with gestures and other non-verbal cues. This time, however, my mind control story will concentrate more on the power of words.

In this article, you’ll discover how to easily get people over to your side by simply paying more attention to the words you use.

Louie, a friend of mine, works for a non-government organization that helps people deal with financial matters. While what he was doing was wonderful, he was not exactly the most effective speaker in the world. He would often complain that his audience did not appear motivated or even affected at all by what he was saying.

Since he knows my expertise on persuasion techniques, he invited me to one of his talks to observe. In less than fifteen minutes, I immediately zeroed in on what Louie had been doing wrong all along.

For most of his talk, he kept saying “Learning how to budget can keep you out of debt” as opposed to “Learning how to budget can improve your lifestyle.” He kept repeating the negative word “debt” instead of paraphrasing it to have a more positive connotation.

In the world of mind control stories, being positive is the key to success. I advised my friend to examine his speeches and note just how often he brought up negative words like “bankruptcy” or “poor judgment.” It turned out that there were quite a lot. While some negative words cannot be avoided, I told him to turn all those he can into positive sentences.

This technique is called framing. People generally respond better to anything with positive connotations. For example, they would like it if you’re a pro-vegetarian rather than an anti-meat person. If you’ll notice, many of my mind control stories are also written in positive ways.

This is just one of many mind control stories that I think you’ll find helpful. However, all over the world, many similar experiences are taking place. One day, maybe you can share yours with the rest of us as well!

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