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Mind Control Tactics: 3 Simple Ways To Make People Fulfill Your Desires

Mind control tactics often go by many names. Some call them hypnotism. Others brand them as persuasive manipulation. But whatever you call these tactics, one thing’s for sure: they can help you get more out of your life.

However, not everybody takes mind control tactics seriously. To most, they are just self-help mumbo jumbo that has no bearing in real life. But that is where they’re wrong. These techniques are in fact very useful in everyday situations.

Can you imagine being able to turn the tide during company meetings, or getting your sisters or brothers to cooperate with you for once? If you’re ready to learn more, read on!

Mind Control Tactic # 1: Reward and Punishment.

If you want to get people to do what you want, you must know what they like and what they don’t like. Use this knowledge to your advantage through the reward and punishment system.

Mothers are quite adept at this tactic. If they want their kid to do better in school, for example, they’ll tell their kid that a present awaits them if they show significant improvement in academics. If they get failing grades, there is a corresponding punishment usually in the form of grounding or taking away of toys.

Mind Control Tactic # 2: Guilt is a Universal Weakness.

This involves making use of a person’s conscience. This works quite well for most people. If, for example, you want your sister to help you with your assignment, you can tell her that you’ll most certainly fail the subject without her help. No one wants to be burdened with their conscience.

Of course, the degree of your guilt-inducing story will depend on the kind of person you’re dealing with. If your sister doesn’t really care about your grades, you might need to come up with a more potent story – like your mom being tired all the time and needing all the help she can get keeping the family straight.

Mind Control Tactic # 3: Use the Favor Bank.

Mind control techniques are disguised in many ways. One of their disguises is the favor bank where you do someone a favor with plans of soliciting help from that same person sometime in the future.

People who owe you a favor won’t be able to ignore your wishes that easily. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important not to burn bridges. Who knows when you might need their help?

Mind control tactics come in different shapes and sizes. They’re not something to be forced and is more effective when you don’t appear too desperate.

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