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Mind Control Techniques – How to Use the Semi-Silent Treatment

Mind control techniques are the new weapons of communication and persuasion in the world today. These strategies will help you cinch that business deal you’ve been negotiating with your client for the past few weeks. They will help you win people over to your side. Best of all, they will require nothing but the use of your own faculties.

All that is left to do before you reach success with these mind control techniques is to learn how to use your natural abilities properly. Now, there are a lot of ways you can harness your own abilities but here is one tip that I have found to be very useful…

Giving people the semi-silent treatment.

I say semi-silent because this is different from totally ignoring another person. The semi-silent treatment is not the cold shoulder. You’re not supposed to snub the person off completely. In fact, you’re still going to be nice and smile at that person except that you’re going to take it down a few notches.

Mind control techniques like these are very psychological in nature. They’re also quite effective and the success rate also depends on the kind of relationship you have with your target.

Recently, I used this on a friend who has been getting on my nerves recently. I’ve started to feel that he’s getting agitated with me, which might probably end up putting myself in a disadvantageous position in our relationship. Instead of returning his feelings, I’ve decided to give him less attention than I normally do.

Remember the unspoken rule of mind control techniques. You’re the one who is supposed to be in control here so don’t get carried away by your emotions.

I still smile and greet him whenever we meet but it’s a little less warmer than I normally would. I’ve also stopped exchanging glances with him whenever somebody makes a point we both agree or disagree with. Suffice to say, he noticed the change immediately. However, there was nothing he could do about it because I didn’t exactly turn 360 degrees over.

I saw him again today and I noticed that he really made an effort to catch my attention. Gone was the previous agitation. Instead, he was eager to please and quite open. If I had something to ask of him, he would probably do it in a jiffy.

Mind control techniques are meant to be used subtly. If you find yourself in a similar situation (and I’m sure you will), and that person asks you if something is wrong, you smile and say no. It’s all about being discreet here. You won’t be able to control people’s mind if they figure out that that is exactly what you’re trying to do.

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