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Mind Control Tricks: How To Influence People’s Minds And Actions

Do you believe that people use mind control tricks to govern people’s minds? Some mind control tricks have been linked to brainwashing. These two terms might have some differences; however, they are somewhat closely related to one another.

While you might think that you haven’t had any brainwashing or mind control encounter before, well, you might want to think again. Everyday we experience being controlled by someone or something. It has led us to do things we don’t ordinarily do.

Mind control can actually provide you several benefits, since some people have big goals that are only hindered by pessimism or fear.

A lot of us associate mind control tricks with hypnosis and other electronic devices that program you to do a particular action. We ought to remember that mind control tricks not only influence our actions; they run the process of how we respond or react to certain situations.

Here are some mind control tricks that control our actions:

1) In television, we find ourselves manipulated by media, through commercials and advertisements. It tends to influence our choices and responses. The steady repetition of images or products on the television may prompt someone to buy the product. Media’s power of persuasion may create some form of obedience or compliance from its viewers.

2) Fear can also be a factor to influence your thoughts and deeds. People will follow anyone or anything, and even break rules, because of the fear of losing something or someone or fear of being punished. These fears strip us from our own control, making us weak and suppressed.

3) By feeding people’s desires, you could influence people’s actions. Giving them what they want may allow you to persuade them. They act accordingly to what their heart and mind deeply desires. Desires are deep cravings or longing for something that brings forth satisfaction.

Mind control tricks need not be as wicked as they sound. The power of suggestion may actually be used to benefit the person. Some people are simply not as strong-willed when conscious, which is why they need to be in a particular state or condition to improve in performance.

Every person can be vulnerable to mind control tricks, simply because every one of us have desires. These can be used to trigger certain actions or thoughts that we may not be able to do without the right bait.

So as long as we are living, we are under the powerful influence of the above factors, controlling our actions and thoughts. And we cannot deny the fact that they rule us, consciously or unconsciously. The techniques can be used in basically any setting, depending on the capacity of the individual and the other person to set the right state for suggestion.

Mind control tricks aren’t really as out of the ordinary as the silver screen and tube make them out to be. It is plainly the process of knowing how to handle situations and people. There’s no need for any swinging pendulum or mesmerizing eyes. All you have to do is recognize what makes people tick.

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