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Overcome Shyness Around Girls – Tips to Overcome Shyness When Dating With Women

If you’re a guy who can’t seem to overcome shyness around girls (or with any people for that matter), then you might have social phobia; but this shouldn’t be an obstacle for you to get a date and have a great time. All it takes is for you to overcome shyness around girls – then you just might score that first date.

A few questions to test if you have social phobia:

1. Are you having trouble walking up or do you feel utterly stupid whenever you approach the girl you’ve always wanted to date?

2. Do you stumble and stutter at every sentence, yet anyone else seems to know all the right words to melt the ladies’ hearts?

If you need to know the details about your failure to communicate with the other sex… then you must overcome your shyness around girls.

Here are some great tips to help you conquer your dating shyness and have a great time. You do realize you should learn all this by heart, right?

1. Girls are not all crazy about muscles and that Tom Cruise smile. What you say counts. Yes, your thought content, your witty remarks…even a lopsided grin or that awkward stance, can attract girls – believe it or not. Some girls like boys with substance, so if you’re shy because you’re not that confident about your looks, you can still be a girl magnet!

2. Humor gets you everywhere! If you feel uncomfortable approaching a girl or starting a conversation, use a funny remark to ease off the tension. A female friend of mine said it could be “quite cute watching a guy squirm in his seat while he thinks of the right things to say.”

3. Accept who you are. If you don’t like yourself that much, why would women find reasons to like you? Don’t overdo it though. You might end up overcoming your shyness around girls but you might also end up being a complete big-head!

4. Be a gentleman. See? This doesn’t require you to be a great entertainer or a darn good conversationalist. Open the door, pull the chair…these simple things does score you points…even if you haven’t said a word yet.

Follow these tips to overcome your shyness around girls and you will find that dating can be as easy as taking candy from a baby. Happy dating!

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