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Overcoming Shyness and Social Phobia – How to Wiggle Out of the Shyness Shell

Do you find overcoming shyness and social phobia a difficult task? Have you ever been stuck speechless in certain situations? Do you often find yourself acting fidgety and all the while being the complete wallflower? It is normal to be shy sometimes, especially when you’re faced with a situation you’re not familiar with; but it can be discouraging if it interferes with your normal life. The great news is, YES, you have the capacity to overcome shyness and social phobia.

There are ways to get you perked up and prepared for the next social meeting, that job interview, that stage play…without your shyness getting in the way. Believe me, once you get through the last sentence of this article, you will be ages away from being that timid little person in the background. Still unconvinced? Here are the specifics on overcoming shyness and social phobia.

1. Most of the time, shyness roots from a feeling of inferiority. Some people are afraid to meet new acquaintances, join groups or be the first to greet somebody simply because they fear the notion of being rejected. The key?

Be the first person to like yourself, turn up your self-confidence a notch. Identify your good traits. Appreciate what you are and who you are as a person. Realize that you are as interesting as the next person on the line.

You are worth the attention. You don’t have to feel inferior or stupid the moment you open your mouth. So smile. SPEAK UP! Improve the range of your social circle by overcoming shyness and social phobia.

2. Desensitize. Remember what they told you about facing your fears? Well the same goes for shyness and social phobia.

If you get too shy that you ditch party invitations or avoid public places, it’s not normal anymore. You can’t let that fear cripple your social life. What can you do then?

Expose yourself to these situations a little at a time. For example, begin by first imagining that you are in a party. Imagine you are having a great time and meeting new people. Do this gradually until you feel that that situation is no longer something unfamiliar and threatening.

Next, go to an actual party with one or two people you’re comfortable with such as a friend or a family member. This party should not be too overwhelming; make sure you know some people while making new acquaintances within the group as well.

Whenever you feel ready, go ahead and attend a bigger gathering with more people to meet. Gradually you can feel that outer shell shedding away. Unleash the party animal in you!

Shyness and social phobia may sound harmless but these are mini “issues” that can ultimately make you miss out on the greater opportunities in life. Don’t let this control you.

It’s about time you overcome shyness and social phobia. Smile at a complete stranger. Be the first to initiate a conversation. Exchange greetings. In no time, you will be able to exude the charms to wow the crowd. Good luck!

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