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Persuasion Methods for Bigger Profits

Every single day, we are bombarded with various methods of persuasion. Food, beverage, clothing, toiletries, movie and computer companies are just some of the biggest spenders in the different permutations of mass media. It is not a big surprise then to see their well-oiled advertisements popping every few minutes or so in the television, the radio and the internet. Most magazine layouts are also dotted with their striking labels, influencing the consumers to grab their newest or recently improved products.

Since most consumers are blinded by instant gratification, they spend their money unnecessarily leading to revenues ranging from a few hundred thousands to millions of dollars for the companies. Amazing, right?

If you want to know how multinational firms do it, worry not because here are some surefire methods of persuasion that are sure to help you. Whether you are a struggling beginner or a savvy reinvention publicist, you are sure to benefit from these persuasion methods.

1. Generate a need. This is the cardinal method of persuasion. According to experts, if your great idea entails satisfying a previously unnoticed need, then you have a winner. Take the case of Bill Gates. Nobody before him had the brilliant idea of creating a usable computer operating system like the Microsoft. So, when he launched it, many people were in awe of the advantages. The result? Massive use worldwide and a tidy profit for the college dropout.

You don’t have to look far for inspiration. A thorough evaluation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs will point you in the right direction. Be it physiological, safety and security, love and belongingness, self-esteem or self-actualization needs, you will surely strike something worthy.

2. Attend to the social needs. Let’s admit it. Every person wants to be liked, acknowledged and respected. Man also has this inherent “herd mentality” which dictates him to look and act like everyone else.

This is reflected deeply during the school age years where peer pressure dictates everything and continues on well into adulthood. Bear in mind that trends are always good sources of income. Just make sure you’re always updated by tuning in to reliable sources.

3. Play with words and images. Usually, a combination of words and images will entice customers towards your product. This is the reason behind claims such as new and improved, faster results, more efficient than the leading brand and so on. Get creative and spin your own catchy taglines.

With these effective methods of persuasion, you are on your way to personal and financial nirvana.

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