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Persuasion Strategies of a Good Leader

The persuasion strategies of a good leader consist of the drive to succeed, preservation of the group, and attainment of a common goal. As a good leader, persuasion is vital to meet the group’s goal or objective. You must have the instinct of incessantly finding yourself seeking fulfillment through directing others to success.

Qualities of an influential leader

Thus, you have to influence others to follow in order to meet the team’s need of achievement. You also have to make quick decisions regarding the group to protect their best interests. Some members may not understand your nature or may even feel it unnecessary or simply wrong; but through persuasion, your followers will heed.

Persuasive leadership strategies

Persuasion strategies also leads the group to attain a common goal as you may try to show the process, the end results, and the rewards of accomplishment to encourage them that their efforts will not be in vain.

These persuasion strategies used to accomplish the following stated above are strengthened by repetition and done through different methods varying with every leader.

But it is you, being a good leader, that defines the appropriate ways to do so, selfless and team-concerned. You must neither use coercion nor persuasive force, but gentle kindness. There is no such thing as willful submission with the use of force. If there is, it is bound to fail or short-lived.

Be open and honest with the consequences at hand and do not give false promises just to make your group comply. You must be the type who steps into the battlefield first and leaves last. Through your own selfless example, the group will be persuaded that their best interests are served; thus allowing them to willfully follow. Some may even give up their own best interests for the sake of the group’s well being.

To learn the effective persuasion strategies of a good leader, recognize your members’ needs and learn how you can work together to attain them. Convince them that there is joy in the sense of fulfillment, preservation of the group itself, and the rewards of an accomplished goal.

It is only in the beginning that persuading members is rather difficult; but as you and your team grow and they see that you are progressing towards a common interest, they will follow. Also, establish rapport and build a trusting environment so that the group’s future pursuits are ensured with unquestioning faith.

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