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Persuasion Techniques: Social Needs and Chosen Words

Some people go about life, blissfully unaware of the subtle influences that other people may be trying to show them. But the art of persuasion is being used everywhere. While some people may be using persuasion techniques in order to sell you a product, others may be trying to get a date or trying to get you to join their religion.

Common persuasion techniques include creating needs in others, which can be basic or social needs. Others can include the use of certain powerfully persuasive words.

Perhaps one of the most important persuasion techniques is creating a social need. An example of a social need is the need to be popular and have everyone like you. Many would say that this is not an important factor in life; however, it drives many people to do certain behaviors.

In the area of television, a commercial might use the example of a need to be popular by convincing you that you need a product in order to fit in. Let’s say you are a teenager suffering from acne. A commercial comes on and shows a picture of someone all alone with acne. Then they skip to the same person with a clear face surrounded by friends. The teenager may then wish to purchase the product so that they can get rid of their acne and acquire more friends.

The art of using powerful words is also one of the top persuasion techniques. You will find these examples on television as well or maybe on labels and in print advertisements. Advertisers will use words such as new, natural and free. These three words have been known to get the consumer’s attention and that is exactly what the advertisers want! Persuasive words can also be used by pretty much anyone who is trying to elicit a certain behavior out of another individual or group. Some more of the most influential words include: discover, proven, guaranteed, save, good and easy.

Gaining an awareness of the many persuasion techniques going on around you can prove to be one of your biggest assets. It can help you when dealing with strangers, your personal life and your work life. Learning the art of persuasion can be the difference between meeting your life goals and falling short. It can also help you to gain an understanding of when other people and companies are using persuasion on you. You will then be able to keep a clear head and only allow yourself to be persuaded in situations where you would like to be.

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