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Power Persuasion Technique – Using the Persuasion Principle of Association

In this article, you will discover a remarkable way to persuade and influence people. I’ll reveal a power persuasion technique to help you make more sales and succeed in life, and that is by using the principle of association.

You have probably heard of Ivan Pavlov’s experiment where he rings a bell every time he feeds his dog. Now after some time, the dog would salivate every time it hears the bell ring, even if there was no food.

Salespeople also apply this power persuasion technique today. They would often treat potential clients out for a great lunch. Although these salespeople will shed out a little money for the meal, it’s nothing compared to the big profits they’ll be getting once they get what they want from their prospects. They know that the satisfying emotions accompanied with eating the food will be associated with the business discussion they are engaged in during the meal.

Even if the linking factor between two aspects were only remotely related, people would go all out to support or defend that which they are associated with (even in the most minor ways). Are you starting to realize the potential of this power persuasion technique?

Why would a hometown crowd cheer for their average basketball team who is fighting against the country’s favorite team? That’s because they are associated with the team in terms of hometown. If the hometown team wins, they will also share that feeling and may even say something like, “Our team won!” If their team loses, they would probably say something like, “They’ve lost the game.” They separate themselves and avoid being associated with the losing team.

By being related (even in the most minor way) to the greatness of an object or event, the ego and reputation are built up.

It might not be too surprising to know that the more insecure a person is, the more he strives to be associated with external factors. Those who know deep inside that they have achieved great things and don’t need to prove their worth any further, are the ones who are not much concerned about associating with outside forces such as their school team who won the championship.

Other examples where this power persuasion technique is used:

1. Some companies donate to charities in order to be associated with being generous and sincere; some companies sponsor special events such as athletic contests to be associated with camaraderie, teamwork and the winning attitude.

2. There have been reports of weathermen being blamed, threatened, or even hurt because people associate them with the bad weather they’ve reported, even if these poor weathermen have absolutely no control of nature.

3. Cigarette commercials use young, energetic, and healthy-looking individuals so viewers would associate the cigarettes with them, despite the dangerous effects of cigarettes.

There’s no doubt this power persuasion technique can help you succeed in your relationships, business or career. Now go out and use it ethically.

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