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Psychological Manipulation Techniques: 3 Awful Things People Do To Manipulate Others

In this day and age, battles are not only waged on a battlefield. They are also waged inside your mind. Through psychological manipulation techniques, your enemies can actually assert some sort of control over you.

However, you are not rendered completely powerless. There are different ways of countering these psychological manipulation techniques. The first step is awareness. Read about how your enemies operate so that you can better protect yourself in the future.

Psychological Manipulation Technique # 1: Emotional Blackmailing

Emotional blackmail is one of the most used manipulation techniques in this new war. But how does this work exactly?

Well, a lot of people succumb to this trick because they feel as if they have no choice. Sentences like “Don’t you care about the company?” or “If you really want to be my friend, you would do this for me” usually force them to make decisions they don’t really want to.

To avoid being played with, you will have to develop a stronger sense of self. Know who you are, what your responsibilities involve, and who your real friends are. Blackmailers tend to stay away from people with strong and solid personalities.

Psychological Manipulation Technique # 2: Focusing On The Negative Sides

Some people just like to put a damper on your brilliant idea by spitting out all the things that could go wrong with it. These people are no longer offering critique. And these people will usually raise questions that will raise doubts in you.

For example, you announce that you are thinking of flying to London for a week-long vacation. People using psychological manipulation will most likely react to your news by stating the danger of flying or the number of negative things awaiting you at the airport.

These remarks are not to be taken seriously. Brush them off lightly or ignore such reactions altogether.

Psychological Manipulation Technique # 3: Teenage Rebellion

Sadly, even those way past their teenage years like to act out as a response against your decision or whatever it is you have just told them.

For example, you want to move out of your home to live independently. At first, everyone seems to be fine with it. But just as you start hunting for that perfect apartment, things just start happening one after another. Some sort of personal crisis occurs in the family, your mother suddenly starts smoking again, etc. Adults who engage in teenage rebellion should know better.

The easiest way to deal with this is to tell them that their efforts are futile and go on doing what you intend to accomplish.

Psychological manipulation techniques may be all over your life; but that doesn’t mean you have to give in to them. With this article, you are now more equipped to handle different manipulative situations.

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