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Psychological Mind Tricks: Crossing The Line Between Persuasion And Deception

Psychological mind tricks may consist of strategic persuasive communication techniques to make a person doubt his beliefs and values. This can actually mislead someone to think that what is really right is wrong, and what is wrong is right. Psychological mind tricks might sound outrageous, but it actually works.

This would involve crafty persuasion and communication skills that will ultimately influence someone’s thoughts and decisions. Moreover, the sense of touch also plays an important role in this persuasion technique.

A number of individuals are now using psychological mind tricks and making apparent changes in their lives, using them to their advantage. Unconsciously, you may not know that a certain person has already played mind tricks on you, and you wake up uncertain of the events that have just happened.

Psychological Mind Tricks in Business

These are very common to sales persons who actually use these persuasion techniques to convince buyers to purchase their products or services. This is getting you to believe that what they are selling is perfect for you.

What they do is that they will tell you things about the product, how you can benefit from it, why it is ideal for you and how you can save money by buying it. These are extreme exaggerations that may even lead to deceiving their prospective buyers.

Example: You are looking for a car to buy, and then you meet with a salesman telling you that you can actually cut down your fuel cost by 50% if you purchase the car. But the truth is you won’t. He will try to convince you by giving “exclusive” offers only given to you, even though he has already given the same offer to previous buyers.

Tricky Tactics of Mind Control

A number of advertisements use psychological mind tricks to drive their viewers to acquire the products and services being offered. Making you think that everybody is using it and only limited offers are left.

Example: “The only product used by all Americans, you won’t go wrong with it. Buy now and say goodbye to headache forever!”

What you have just read above is an example of an extreme exaggeration using advertisement as a tool to persuade customers to buy the product; telling them that they can no longer experience headache forever if they use the product. All you are doing is suggesting the things that they want to do anyway, and helping them to realize that those things are the best choices for them.

Hence, psychological mind tricks involve strategic communication, persuasion, as well as a bit of exaggeration. Timing and the sense of touch also are integral parts of this often-effective persuasion tactic.

When To Use Psychological Mind Tricks

You should know the proper time, place and person to use psychological mind tricks. In some cases, experts in the field can immediately identify your methods, thereby firing back at you and leading to a variety of consequences. Make sure you use them at the right place, at the right time. Find out and assess the person you’re dealing with first, and be concerned about their interests before jumping into any deal.

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