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Psychological Mind Tricks – How to Use Psychological Mind Tricks in Your Favor

There is a whole world full of psychological mind tricks waiting out there for you. It’s a good thing you stumbled upon this one. Why?

Well, it’s because this article will teach you how to use psychological mind tricks in your favor. These mind control techniques are applicable in almost any day-to-day situation. Many have benefitted from them; and now, you will too!

Give First To Receive Later.

In line with these psychological mind tricks, this version of the age old adage seemed more appropriate. The concept behind this is that whoever gives first has the power to call the shots.

If you do someone else a favor, don’t ask them for anything in return just yet. This is so that he next time you’re in need of something, that person can’t help but return the favor. Let them be indebted to you and not the other way around.

Go Lukewarm.

Some situations call for you to be warm, some-to be a little cold. When you find yourself needing something from another person, it’s time to go lukewarm in dealing with them. Not too warm, not too cold either.

As one of my favorite psychological mind tricks, this makes the other person feel more wary of you. Suddenly, they will be thinking if they did something to upset you.

There’s no room for complaint either because you’re not exactly being all out indifferent. In order to appease you, they will find it difficult to refuse your request.

Don’t be surprised to find a positive note or a cup of coffee all set up for you in the next few hours!

These psychological mind tricks are simple and can be used almost anywhere. However, keep in mind that this doesn’t give you the authority to abuse other people. Besides, if you go overboard with these tricks, they won’t work quite as well as they did the first few times. Subtlety is the key. If you give yourself away, don’t expect other people to fall for such tricks again.

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