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Psychology of Persuasion – How to Utilize the Power of Persuasion

It’s another celebration in the conference room. Apparently, your colleague Jack has once again sealed a crucial deal with a very important client. You walk over to congratulate him, all the while wondering how Jack does what he does. Everybody else is probably thinking of the same thing. What does Jack have that the rest of you don’t?

Well, it’s not really a matter of having anything special but rather, understanding the psychology of persuasion. It sounds a little too much like your college studies, but understanding the psychology of persuasion is actually very handy when it comes to real life situations.

You will not only learn how to use your skills to their maximum potential, but you will also achieve a higher success rate in almost anything you do!

Voice of Authority

It’s all about credibility. People feel more at ease dealing with individuals who know what they’re doing. Or at least, those who seem to know what they’re doing.

They also react well to people who have esteemed positions in their workplace. The psychology of persuasion behind this is actually pretty basic.

When dealing with a stranger, one of the easiest ways to identify whether he or she is good for you is through his or her credentials. If you have inquiries about your health, you don’t have to actually be friends with the doctor before you decide to consult him or her, right?

Nothing Wrong with Being the Favorite

Don’t fret. You’re not expected to kiss ass here. However, there is nothing wrong with being the favorite either. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Can you help it if your boss or your client really likes your countenance?

The psychology of persuasion behind this stems from the notion that people are more drawn and more lenient with the people they already like. And as long as you’re liked by your superior, there’s no harm in basking in that glory and working doubly harder to maintain said likeability factor, right?

Understanding the psychology of persuasion opens up brand new opportunities for you. Every time you meet with a client or every time you need to negotiate something, think back to the basics. Remember what makes people tick and then use them to your advantage!

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