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Reasons Why Some Women Have Trouble Getting Pregnant

After walking down the aisle and uttering their vows to their husbands, women would usually jump into anticipation of conceiving a baby soon. Unfortunately, some women suffer from difficulty of bearing one.

Experiencing trouble getting pregnant for a woman can be truly worrying. For them, it feels exactly like gambling and dropping all their aces hoping for a chance to win the jackpot. This could also result to anxiety not only to the woman but to her husband as well. They will feel pressured as they both strive to make a baby and may even lead to them concluding that the woman is having trouble getting pregnant due to numerous attempts. That surely is a myth because within those attempts, conception should already be expected because of the high success rate. So what could be the possible causes?

Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Drug addiction is likely to cause conception problems. For example, marijuana stifles hormone production that is a relevant factor to conceive a baby. Alcohol, on the other hand, majorly affects the functioning of the reproductive organs.

Chronic stress can lead to physical and mental affliction. When the woman is under stress, she will usually have difficulty in sleeping and may get depressed causing irregularities in the production of hormones, as well as a drop in their levels.

This is obviously a traumatic experience for a woman who had been impregnated because of an accident and some other reasons that caused miscarriage. Once the woman has a history of miscarriage, she is probable to go through hormonal imbalances.

Irregular Ovulation
All three factors discussed above contribute to irregular ovulation. Studies show that many women who despite having monthly periods don’t necessarily ovulate regularly which in turn can cause a woman trouble getting pregnant.

Anatomical Problems
The uterus and fallopian tubes may be blocked with a forming cyst thus restricting the meeting of an egg and a sperm or the so called fertilization.

This is applicable to both men and women and is deemed to be the most dreadful cause of conception failure.

After knowing the listed causes, which are all modifiable and manageable, a woman is expected to practice a healthier lifestyle if she really wants to conceive a baby.


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