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Regular Sex Is the Best Way to Get Pregnant

What else can beat sex as the best way to get pregnant? Without doubt, sex is the not only the best but it’s also the most effective way to get a woman pregnant. Without it, how can any woman be reproductive in a natural way? It may appear as though having an enjoyable sex life provides a number of differences as when you make it a big subject to get pregnant, the more difficult and tricky it is to become possible. Not that it is already justified but taking it into consideration, trying to get pregnant shouldn’t cause couples to suffer from stress brought about by pressure in making a baby. The point is that pregnancy varies among women as it is dependent on a woman’s reproductive cycle and capacity so you might as well take advantage of the pleasurable benefits that comes along with your plan of conceiving.

Aside from the deed itself, sex has many other advantages that no other methods can offer. Experts have provided a set of factors that can be capable of increasing the couple’s success rate utilizing the best way to get pregnant.

Nutritional Status

A well-maintained diet is very important to support a healthy pregnancy. Eating habits should be sustained with balanced meals that shall meet the nutritional needs of a woman preparing for conception.

Menstrual Cycle

One woman’s cycle may be different from other women but this factor has a great contribution on having intercourse as the best way to get pregnant especially if the woman has a regular menstrual cycle. Usually, for those with a 28-day cycle, engaging in sex mid-cycle is advised as peak ovulation happens on that period.

Cervical Secretions

A woman’s cervical mucus increases in amount and becomes thinner during ovulation. It is commonly described as an almost transparent substance, slimy and stretches up to at least one and half inches before it breaks.

Body Temperature

The ovulation period is generally presented with a sudden rise in the basal body temperature which is measured upon waking up in the morning to give out an almost accurate result. A significant increase in body temperature indicates that the woman is in her ovulation, therefore sex is encouraged.

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