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Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl Out And Get That Date

Having trouble asking women out? Perhaps you’re being a little too forward. Why don’t you try coming up with more romantic ways to ask a girl out? Maybe then you’ll have more luck.

Romanticists, after all, make the best lovers. Take a page from Cassanova and study these romantic ways to ask a girl out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s all or nothing. What could be more romantic than that?

Tip # 1: Say It With Flowers.

You probably know that different flowers carry different messages. Daisies, for example, represent innocence and loyal love, while Tulips say that you’d be the perfect lover. Striped Carnations say you can’t be with that person, while White Camellias say you find her adorable.

Flowers, in general, convey that you like a lady; but choosing the right flower can definitely raise your chances of success. Find out what different flowers represent so you can pick the “perfect” one for your purpose.

Tip # 2: Write Her A Letter.

Nobody writes love letters anymore, and that is precisely why it is still one of the most romantic ways to ask a girl out. If you haven’t written one before or if you’re not especially good at writing essays, don’t fret. Just be yourself.

First of all, the words should come from the heart. Don’t ask someone else to pen your affections for you. That leads to expectations and misunderstandings that could ruin you in the woman’s eyes (you can, however, ask someone to proofread).

Be modest in your message. Tell her how much you admire her and ask for the opportunity to take her to dinner. Keep things simple and you’ll be alright.

Tip # 3: Serenade Her.

One of the most romantic ways to ask a girl out is to serenade her. Just make sure that you can carry a tune. Bonus points if you can play an instrument (preferably a guitar).

If you can’t sing and you can’t play an instrument, you can still woo her through a song dedication. Get some of your more musically talented friends to help you out.

Choose a romantic slow song and then ask her to dance. Just make sure that you choose a venue that’s not too crowded; because if the girl you like is a little bit on the shy side, this plan is best done somewhere more secluded.

Whether romance is your style or not, you should still give these romantic ways to ask a girl out a chance. Who knows? You just might find yourself with a date tomorrow night.

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