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Should I Get On A Liquid Diet?

This question has been debated to death. Some people will swear by liquid diets while others will preach that healthy weight loss only comes from natural foods. So who is right?

The answer is both. Both groups are right. It’s always important to keep an open mind to everything and not just settle for 1 answer.

Liquid diets have been around for years and millions of people have gone on them. Celebrities have come out and said that these have worked wonders for them. However, we can’t take celebrities’ words for gospel since most of them sign million dollar endorsement packages.

There have been thousands of laymen who have also offered testimonials to the efficacy of a liquid diet. The liquid diet will cause a very drastic loss of weight in the short run.

The advertisements will have you believing that the diet will boost your energy, reduce toxins, reverse aging, give your digestive system a rest, improve your moods, clear up your thinking and help you drop the pounds faster than a bag of poop.

Take all these claims with a pinch of salt. You may experience a few of the benefits but that’s due to the body losing weight and getting a break from all the toxic food we constantly consume daily. When you’re on a liquid diet you’re not eating anything else.

Just avoiding the normal junk food we eat everyday will work wonders for our body and leave us feeling refreshed. The liquid diet could be meal replacement shakes or fruit and vegetable juices. It all depends on the company manufacturing them. If you’re going to make the juices yourself, that is fine too. Just do your research first so that you ensure that you are getting adequate nutrients.

Now, the key point to note about a liquid diet is this – it must ONLY be done for a short while. Ideally a week. Not longer. No liquid diet can guarantee you all the nutrients that a body will need.

A one week break from solid food will give the body time to detoxify itself and it will also reduce your appetite. By the end of the week, you should slowly introduce solid foods into your diet. Make sure you are eating wholesome foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, etc. Single ingredient foods are best. Avoid processed foods and do not eat junk food.

In this way, you will not gain back the fat your have lost. Only start exercising when you are on a normal diet. A liquid diet often makes people feel lethargic, moody and just not good. This is normal because the body is cleansing itself. Don’t add to the stress by exercising.

Losing weight takes time. You can wait a week and hit the gym when you’re feeling good and eating well.

Be prepared if you’re going to go on a liquid diet. Avoid places where you will be tempted to eat. Bring your juice to work so that you can drink it. Drink lots of water to flush out the toxins in your body. Do not stress yourself over small things.

If 7 days seems too long, 3 to 4 days is fine too. The duration is not set in stone. Give it a try and if it works for you, great. If it doesn’t, then stick with a healthy diet and exercise. You can’t go wrong with that.


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