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Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend – Is He Showing These 3 Signs of a Controlling Personality?

If you spot the signs of a controlling boyfriend, you need to deal with his controlling personality immediately. A relationship is supposed to be a well-balanced companionship between two persons. The first step when you detect the signs of a controlling boyfriend is to communicate your concerns immediately… in a non-offensive way.

Usually when women see the signs of a controlling relationship, they let the situation pass until it’s too late. That’s a big mistake.

When one person holds total control over your decision-making, and even puts a rule on what you can and can’t do, you need to put a halt to it. If you dismiss the signs of a controlling boyfriend, it will hurt you emotionally at the end, because his comfort level regarding his controlling personality may build up.

It’s fine to let your boyfriend be a gentlemen and take charge when he needs to. However, leaving total control over your companion is giving pass to danger.

Once a controlling person gets accustomed to a habit psychologically, he tends to demand keeping the situation the way it has always been handled, and it will be a struggle to change it.

Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend # 1: He doesn’t let you participate in the decision-making process.

If he’s controlling every decision, talk about it immediately and make sure he understands that there should be a balance between you and him.

Remind him that a relationship can only take place when two people cooperate with each other, not when only one person does so.

Make sure he understands your rights, and that you have the freedom to assert your privileges. If not, ask yourself if you should be with him in the first place!

You deserve to stand for yourself and earn respect. Communicate your issues to deal with the characteristics of a controlling personality.

Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend # 2: He tells you what to do and what should you not do.

Numerous case studies find that women are, on average, more intelligent than men. If he tells you what to do all the time, it reassures him that you don’t know how to take control on your own. Therefore, he may feel the need to take control over you. So you need to assert yourself.

It might be flattering to have someone suggest on what you wear, but forcing you to wear the types of clothes that he solely prefers is one of the signs of a controlling relationship.

Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend # 3: He tends to do everything himself.

If you are his girlfriend, it’s normal to take an active part in the relationship; you need not force yourself to be involved in his ordinary activities. However, be sensitive enough to know your limits or boundaries.

Build a stronger bond, and you’ll soon see the signs of a controlling boyfriend fading away.

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