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Signs of a Controlling Spouse – Warning Signs That Your Spouse Has a Controlling Personality

Does the person you fell in love with – or ended up marrying – have a controlling personality? If you ended up with the brooding and emotional type – those who obviously have a lot of issues to deal with, then watch out for their inability to give up control. This article focuses especially on the signs of a controlling spouse. Read on to find out more.

The signs of a controlling spouse manifest in different ways and degrees. The controlling person’s grip on the relationship reaches extreme levels in some cases.

However, such examples are not widespread. Hopefully, you won’t experience anything of that level. Still, any amount of control can still take a toll on your relationship. To find out just how much control there is in your own home, take a look at these warning signs of a controlling spouse.

Jealousy: How Much And How Often?

While jealousy is quite normal in a relationship, there comes a time when it becomes too much and too frequent. One of the signs of a controlling spouse is extreme jealousy. Take a closer look at the situations where your partner suddenly turns a different shade of green. It can be while you’re paying for your grocery at the counter or even when you spend time with your friends.

He Says/ She Says

This might eventually lead on to your spouse telling you who you can or can’t spend time with. Sometimes, even your clothes or the places you go even become a point of argument.

This is quite stifling as you are suddenly deprived of your freedom to make decisions for yourself. Try confronting your partner about this behavior and see if you can get a straight answer. If you don’t receive a decent enough reason, then your partner is definitely showing the characteristics of a controlling personality.

If you recognize these signs of a controlling spouse in your relationship, don’t try to draft divorce papers or suggest a separation all at once. Marriage is still a sacred bond and you should at least try to make the situation better. It’s not the end of the world; but rather, the beginning of a new challenge you can definitely overcome.

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