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Signs of the Times: How You Can Find The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant

If you have been trying to conceive and it is not taking the best turn for you. If you want to know, the fastest way to get pregnant you must know one basic fact. Do you know when you are ovulating?

Watch out for signs of ovulation. This could be the fastest way to get pregnant because you can time your sexual intercourse with your fertility levels. The task may seem a little daunting to you but the key is to know what to look for and if you really are tight on finding the fastest way to get pregnant then you have to make this a habit.

#1 Increased sexual desire – this happens when you are about to ovulate, the right time to have sex to make you pregnant. It’s not a definite sign of ovulation.

#2 Breast tenderness – You may experience this a little before or after your ovulation.

It has low accuracy for ovulation.

Medications can cause this.

#3 Changes in cervical mucus – when you are ovulating, the cervical mucus changes in consistency and amount. It looks like a raw egg white that stretches between your fingers.

One of the most accurate sign that you are fertile and you can get pregnant.

It can be messy.

# 4 Changes in Basal Body Temperature – most commonly used method. You have to know your basal body temperature. Record it and once there is a change in temperature by a few degrees from baseline, which would be the start of your ovulation.

It is the most definite sign that you are ovulating.

It requires you to record temperature at almost the same time. Different sleep patterns affect reliability of your recorded temperature.

# 5 Ovulation Predictor Kit Result – require you to dip a paper to your urine or you direct your urine towards the test stick.

It easier to do and just a little messy.

You will have to shell out cash.

The fastest way to get pregnant is when you time your sexual intercourse at your most fertile day. Check on other manuals available online for effective ovulation timing.

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