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Stop Comparing Your Romance to those On the Big Screen

There are many reasons why your romance will never measure up to those on the big screen. If you’re constantly comparing your relationship, then you’ll never be satisfied and both of you will end up being hurt in the long run. You might be curious about why it’s such a bad thing to compare your relationship to those “picture perfect” relationships in Hollywood. Here are a few good reasons why your relationship will never measure up to theirs and why that’s a good thing.

 Hollywood Films have Professional Script Writers

More importantly, these scriptwriters spend hours agonizing over the right words and sequence of events to create a plausible conversation. And they have control of all sides of the conversation. In real world relationships, you only get control of what comes out of your own mouth and that’s tenuous at best in the heat of the moment.

 You Don’t get to Start the Scene Over When it Doesn’t Play Out Right

The more heated the discussion becomes, the less control you seem to have over the words coming out of your mouth. That doesn’t happen in Hollywood. The director just cuts the scene and takes a break when things aren’t flowing the right way. You don’t get an opportunity to “un-ring” bells in real life. Once it’s come out of your mouth, it’s there. In all its glory and for the one person who means the most in the world to hear.

 The Actors Put their Characters to Bed, Alone, Each Night

After a long day of practice, script reading, and careful staging or choreography, the actors leave their characters behind and return to their own lives. That’s not a luxury you have when you’re comparing your relationship to those on the Silver Screen. You’re comparing something real — your own relationship — to something that’s make believe and temporary at best.

Actors in the movies don’t have to decide who pulls the midnight shift for diaper duty. They don’t have to fight over who washes dishes or even who gets control of the remote control for the evening or any of the other petty worries that cause discontentment in modern relationships.

At the end of the day, everything in Hollywood is the work of an entire team of people working towards one common goal. Hair is always picture perfect; makeup is just right, music, mood lighting, and script in place to produce a little magic on the screen. These things, while enchanting in pictures, fall flat and just shy of satisfying in real life. In the end, you’d grow tired of the façade and run off in search of the real deal or relationship gold. That’s why it’s better to skip out on the perfect front Hollywood presents and go for something a little heartier in your own relationships instead.


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