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Subconscious Mind Power – 3 Vital Steps to Unleash It!

The subconscious mind is a seat of magnificent power. With it, you can literally get anything you want. However, only a few people are maximizing its unlimited potentials.

Three necessary and unusual steps must be taken to unleash your hidden subconscious mind power.

First, you must engulf yourself with the pictures, visual representations, or symbols of the things related to the things you want to accomplish. You may also surround yourself with objects that produce sounds that remind you of your goals.

When you surround yourself with positive images or sounds, your subconscious mind will imprint those images or record those sounds in your head. You will be reminded of your goals often. The result will be a focused mind capable of blocking out distractions and manifesting your thoughts into reality.

Second, you must ask yourself the right positive and success-driven questions all the time. Too often, we ask questions like:

“Why am I always failing to achieve my goals in life?”
“How come I am stuck in this dead-end job, without any hope for career advancement?”
“Why can’t I have the same amount of creativity and intelligence as he is?”
“How can such unfortunate events be happening to me?”
“Why am I always running out of luck?”

Yikes! What stupid questions to ask yourself! Everyday, people keep on asking themselves endless negative questions. These people subject their minds to negative subconscious programming that impede their personality development and force them downward to the spiral of failure.

Their subconscious mind will always try to respond to such pessimistic questions, resulting in massive mental and emotional self-destruction.

The subconscious will come up with various explanations, reasons, and justifications to persuade them that they are goal setting failures, that they don’t deserve a great career, that they can’t be as lucky, creative, good looking, or rich as other people, even if all of these negative circumstances are untrue! They are only attracting negativity and failure to manifest in their reality.

Now my question to you is: Are you one of them? If yes, change your attitude and bad habits now! Most of all, ask questions that demand positive, success-driven answers.

When you ask a good question to the powerful subconscious, you will get a good answer! In fact, not only will you get a good answer; your subconscious may actually come up with an almost magical response/solution that may surprise you!

Ask your subconscious questions such as:
“What shall I read to improve my memory?”
“How can I overcome my shyness and enhance my relationships?”
“How can I have a strong and healthy body?”
“What can I do to earn $7,000 next month?”
“What must I do to get that promotion?”

Third, know your purpose. When you have a sufficient strong and intense purpose to accomplish your goals, your subconscious will always find a way to help you achieve them. This is power motivation at work!

If you’re just satisfied with whatever life throws at you, not knowing the rationale behind what you’re doing, then you’ll have a much difficult time reaching your dreams.

And this is where the power of purpose comes to work. If you have a highly emotional purpose behind your actions, you will be more prompted to take inspired action and do whatever it takes to reach your destination.

Always ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”

It’s either you have/find a satisfactory answer or change your agenda!

When I ask myself why I am determined to finish a project, I immediately have an answer, which may consist of any of the following:

1) I want to improve the lives of as many people as I can.
2) I want to go on a vacation to a specific country (using money earned from the project).
3) I want to donate to charity.
4) I love the feeling of being able to conquer any challenge and accomplish something worthwhile.

Now it’s my turn to ask you. What’s your purpose?

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