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Subliminal Messages in Advertising: How Advertising Messages Control The Minds Of Consumers

Everyday, people are exposed to all sorts of ads. What they do not realize is that they’re also exposed to subliminal messages in advertising. These messages can take the form of words, visuals or even sounds.

You might be wondering whether all this talk about subliminal messages in advertising is true or not. Advertisers and advertising companies won’t be revealing their tricks to the public; but if you’re a keen observer, you might be able to figure some of them out.

1) Sex Sells

Anyone in the advertising industry knows that sex sells. But you might be surprised to learn what lengths some advertisers go through to literally spell out the word sex in their ads.

As subliminal messages in advertising, you won’t find the word sex spelled out right in front of you. Sometimes, they take the form of trees or leaves. Or sometimes, it’s not the word itself but the shape of a genital hidden under the guise of a product ad.

2) Backmasking

Backmasking refers to the act of playing an audio track backwards so the message doesn’t exactly come across clearly.

Sometimes, this track is hidden behind a piece of music and is said to have an effect on the audience’s subconscious. However, a lot of psychologists and experts have differing opinions about its actual effectiveness.

3) Quick Flashes

Sometimes, advertisers flash messages like “Buy Product X” on their ads in such a speed that the conscious wouldn’t even notice it.

However, it is said that the subconscious can pick up these messages and will, in turn, follow the suggestion. This type of subliminal message in advertising has been around for a while although its effectiveness continues to vary.

Picking up subliminal messages in advertising might be a bit tougher than it looks like; but once you know exactly what to look for, you might be surprised.

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