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Subliminal Mind Control Techniques: 3 Covert Methods To Influence People And Get What You Want

Subliminal mind control techniques are ways by which you can send subtle messages to a person’s subconscious without them being fully aware of it.

As shady as it might sound, people use these techniques everyday. Advertising, for one, is the mother of all these subtle persuasion strategies. That seemingly innocent commercial about the girl drinking delicious orange juice isn’t just about a girl and her drink. In the world of advertising, there are subliminal messages everywhere you look!

While you’re not responsible for enticing millions of people to buy your product, you can still use subliminal mind control techniques to make your life a little easier. If you’re ready to discover how to use them to get the upper edge, read on!

Subliminal Mind Control Technique # 1: Impress People With Your Vocabulary.

People look up to those who they think is above their own station. Knowing this piece of information, you would want to be – or at least seem like – someone who is worth respecting.

One way you can do this is by improving your vocabulary and using a few new words in conversation. This is a very simple method that can get people, even strangers, to believe whatever it is you’re saying. Using industry-related jargons also help give you an image of professionalism and intellectuality.

Take note, however, that if you’re speaking to people who are totally unfamiliar with the topic of discussion, you would do better by using simple, easy-to-understand words. Trying to impress others with industry-specific jargon that they don’t understand – without clearly explaining what they mean – would only backfire and drive them away.

Subliminal Mind Control Technique # 2: Entice Them With Benefits.

One of the most effective strategies of mind control involves letting other people know just how they can benefit from your proposal.

Let’s face it. People would always aspire for something greater for themselves. If you’re trying to persuade a person to join your political party, for example, you’re going to have to state how he will profit or get something worthwhile from it.

Some experts like to lure people to their side by promising future benefits. Others simply give away promotional materials like t-shirts and mugs.

Subliminal Mind Control Technique # 3: Touch Their Hearts.

People can’t help but feel emotion. If you want to covertly get what you want, this is a pretty effective way to do it.

A charity with a real good back-story has a higher chance of raising more money than a charity that has no drama. And kids who are just too adorable for words can charm their way into their parents’ hearts like nothing else.

These subliminal mind control techniques can help you get things done your way without having to exert too much effort. Of course, the key here is to be as subtle as you can be. Avoid telling everyone that you’re trying to persuade them, even after your pursuit becomes a success.

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