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Subliminal Programming: 3 Awesome Subliminal Programming Techniques To Easily Persuade Anyone

Subliminal programming, despite its seemingly strange connotations, is actually more widespread than most people realize. Everyday, whether you believe it or not, we are subjected to large doses of this covert persuasion. That is how life has always been. But now, I’m going to share with you the gist of the game so that you’ll no longer have to carry on unknowingly.

Once you figure out how subliminal programming works, you too can use it to your advantage. Imagine what you can do and how you can improve your life just by using these techniques.

Subliminal Programming Technique # 1: Creating Useful Coincidences

These days, people hardly believe in coincidences; but most of them will still think that seeing one connection after another has a very significant meaning. And those who say they don’t believe in connections will still be affected by the events. At the back of their minds, they will still think about it.

So how does this translate to subliminal programming? Easy. If you want to persuade your parents, for example, to take you and your siblings on a vacation, you have to create instances which will lead to them to think about that option more and more. Of course, it’s better to do this before you even suggest going to the beach for the weekend.

There are a number of ways to do this. Do you know the smell of the sea? It’s that salty and refreshing whiff that takes your imagination to island paradise. Find a candle or a scent that mimics it and place or spray it strategically where your parents might notice it. When watching television, make sure your parents catch you watching a show that showcases the beach or rolling waves. These are just some examples. I’m sure you can come up with a lot more once you get the idea.

Subliminal Programming Technique # 2: Bashful Reverse Psychology

People already know how reverse psychology works. And that itself breaks the magic of the technique. However, that is only because most practitioners of reverse psychology have become too blatant with their usage. It’s almost like they’re parading the fact that they’re using a persuasion technique on their target.

However, that doesn’t mean that reverse psychology is totally useless. When used correctly, it can still achieve the same success it once did. Think carefully.

Instead of saying, “Well, of course I understand that you’d rather go to the ball with Jimmy” in that know-it-all fashion, try saying that line again with more bashfulness, almost as if you’re genuinely embarrassed at asking the girl to go with you. Stutter a bit if you want. This way, you’re creating an illusion that masks your use of the persuasion technique.

Subliminal Programming Technique # 3: Using a Person’s First Name

This method involves using a person’s first name before asking them to do something. Think about it. Saying, “Will you please sign this petition” is less effective than saying, “Hey Elaine, will you please sign this petition?”

The shift is subtle but very significant. It makes your request more personal and makes the person feel more involved.

Subliminal programming is not difficult to understand nor is it difficult to apply. Now that you know some of the techniques, I’m sure you’ll be able to understand people and life more effectively.

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