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The Art of Happiness – How to Live In Blissful Happiness

Every human being has a desire to feel happy. It is your birthright. Living and knowing the art of happiness is what life is all about. Happiness is a gift that we feel. The art of happiness is understood as a great deed which eventually leads us to a positive behavior.

The art of happiness is based on the most fundamental attitude in your subconscious mind towards life, and that is “you love life.” This great depth of feeling of love for life is similar to the solid foundation of a steady house; it is a person’s most basic emotional framework.

The art of happiness is too often taken for granted. You ask why others feel great, while you don’t. You ask why they see the good side of life and only hear the good news, while you don’t. You can learn the art of happiness by adopting a repetition of skills that leads you to positive thoughts and boosts your well-being.

When we were born, our minds are empty barrels waiting to be filled with memories, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and perspectives. We cry after taking our first breath and that is the moment we start doing the art of happiness.

We strive to reach the shining moments of our lives and take advantage of every opportunity to be happy. But there are times when we have to realize we can’t have it all.

We learn the art of happiness by learning how to wait. That is when we use our coping skills and techniques to use our positive experiences in bridging the gaps to our own happiness

Take Vitamin S – Smile, to master the art of happiness. This special kind of magic takes away depression. Don’t forget to store your wonderful emotional experiences, as these eventually make you realize what made you feel better, how to let go of hurt, and how to make more positive experiences to happen. The art of happiness is a cycle; the chance keeps coming back, and it’s up to you to choose happiness in the end.

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