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The Twin-Gene: Is It Only the Best Way to Get Pregnant With Twins?

Many couples would want to have a baby that they would call their own. No one can contest that the best job in the world is being a parent. Babies are as if little angles sent from heaven. Better if you will have twins! More blessings, more happiness!

Who are most likely to look for the best way to get pregnant with twins?

– Those who marry later in life

o They feel that they are running out of time so they want to have two kids in one pregnancy.

– Those who grew up in a large family.

o The more, the merrier.

– Those who want to keep their family small.

o In contrast to the one mentioned above, they plan carefully about how their kids will grow together.

o They have set aside how much they are willing to spend in raising a family and they see this to be cheaper in the long run – kids will share the same birthday, same room, etc.

– Those who have a twin.

o Naturally, they know how great it felt growing up with a twin – they want their kids to have the same experience.

Not everyone have the genes for twin pregnancy but in this day and age, anything is possible.

What is the best way to get pregnant with twins, then?

Here are several ways:

– Marry someone who has a twin. However, you cannot force, right?

– Delay pregnancy – Advanced maternal age is associated with twin pregnancies but be wary of complications and this is not advisable for first pregnancy.

– Keep those fats – studies revealed that those who have BMI of 30 are more likely to conceive twins. They also claim increased complication risk.

– Get fertilized – by infertility specialist – with medications that can increase your ovulation. Mostly are expensive and does not give you assurance.

– Holistically and systematically – there are manuals available online that uses a systematic program to help you conceive.

Ideally, the best way to get pregnant with twins is through the natural way. They are less likely to have side effects.

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