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Three Ways to Really Get Your Husband’s Attention

Getting his attention was once an easy thing to do. In the early days of your marriage, you seemed to have it all the time. There were even times when you secretly wished you could have a little less of it. Lately, however, things have changed and he seems more content to work in the garage, absorb himself in video games, or assume his position as king of the Lazy-boy with remote in hand than to pay attention to you. What went wrong? And, what can you do to get his attention all over again?

The good news for you, is that all relationships have their ups and downs. It’s a normal cycle. The better news, is that it’s not beyond your control to take the upper hand and make sure you have his attention now, and any other time when other issues seem to be horning in on your time with your husband.

1) Feed him. Debi Gutierrez is a very funny comedian who understands the male psyche pretty well. She believes there are only two things you can do to really get his attention and make him happy. Feeding him is one of those things. It doesn’t take much imagination to come up with the other. The thing is, it isn’t all about whether or not you offer him food. It’s about the kind of food you offer him. Men are lusty creatures. It shows in their appetite for you as well as their appetite for food. You can’t feed him the things that leave you feeling deprived for dinner and expect him to be happy with the results. Give him real food made for his appetites and see what a difference it makes in the attention he pays you.

2) Compliment him. Pay him a compliment. Tell him how much the little things he does really mean to you. Let him know that you appreciate the way he takes care of you and your family. Tell him how much he means to you. Women are often credited with being the sentimental ones in relationships. You often forget that men need to hear these words of affirmation and appreciation just as much as you need to hear them. Not only does this set an amazing example for him to follow but it also lets him know how you really feel about the things he does for you and for your marriage.

3) Make yourself available to him. While we do not live in the day and age of wives submitting to their husbands in the literal sense, there is still something that touches a man above and beyond all else for you to make the first move. For you to be the one offering him what he wants from you. Make the first move. If it doesn’t get his attention at first, make your offer a little bolder. Most men do not need to be asked twice though.

Getting his attention is the easy part. Keeping it, despite all the distractions that impact relationships today is where the road gets a little rockier. Remember these tips whenever his attention starts to stray again and you’re sure to keep your marriage on the right path now and down the road.


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