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Tips For Panic Attacks – 3 Easy Ways to Overcome Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can sometimes occur out of the blue and are usually accompanied by chest and stomach pains, increased heart palpitations and shortness of breath. While they may seem uncontrollable, there are some helpful tips for panic attacks you could follow to deal with this challenge.

These tips for panic attacks are quite simple and don’t require you to exert a lot of effort. At this point, you’re not supposed to burden yourself with too many steps or long processes. In fact, the three highlighted below are some of the simplest methods out there.

Acknowledge It.

One of the first tips for panic attacks is acknowledgment and understanding. You have to realize that what you’re experiencing is just a panic attack and not a real attack to your body or person. Search for more information in books, online or from a doctor. The more knowledge you have, the better you will be able to handle future attacks.

Music is Your New Best Friend.

It’s always handy to bring your iPod or mp3 player with you wherever you go. Not only does it help kill boredom and time, the music can also distract you from whatever it is that is causing your panic attack.

When you’re at home, you can even create a playlist which contains only songs that soothe you. A lot of people, even those who don’t suffer from panic attacks, enjoy this activity a lot.

Breathe In and Out Slowly.

Although you might have difficulty in breathing, doing breathing exercises will calm you down. Focus on how your stomach enlarges while inhaling and how it reverts to normal size when exhaling.

As simple as this method may be, it’s one of the top tips for panic attacks out there. Doing this regulates your breathing and keeps you from thinking about your triggers. Avoid the paper bag trick.

These three tips for panic attacks come in handy especially when you’re in the middle of a commute or in public. However, it is also best that you seek the advice of a medical professional for long-term remedies.

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