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Top Tips for Trying to Conceive Couples

The line, “There’s no harm in trying…” is very applicable if you want to conceive a child. Besides, you won’t achieve your goal on having a baby if you won’t try to pursue some of these tips for trying to conceive couples.

Consult your physician before you start following tips for trying to conceive:

Ensure that your body is in a perfect condition by attending regular checkups with your doctor. Infections, STDs, and poor well-being can have an effect on your chances of conceiving. It’s best to see a healthcare provider and in addition, begin taking vitamins prior to trying to conceive.

Have sex at least three to four times a week

Having regular intercourse is the most excellent way to conceive. Couples repeatedly attempt to time their intercourse during the peak of ovulation but won’t have sex when they have assumed that the woman isn’t ovulating. An intercourse that is timed outside the ovulation period will not lead in pregnancy.

Have an enjoyable sexual experience

Every now and then, when couples engaged themselves into following tips for trying to conceive, sex has been viewed as an occupation instead of a pleasurable action and it becomes boring. Set up with your husband a plan for an amorous evening or explore on passionate things that you can apply when having sex. Your sexual drive and your ability to reach orgasm may affect your chances of getting pregnant. The chilly motion brought about by a woman’s orgasm will facilitate the pull of sperm into the womb. As for the men, better orgasm heightens up the production of sperm therefore leading to a higher success rate of conception.

Choose sex positions that guide a sperm in to the uterus

Sex position matters a lot. Select the one that will allow the sperm to go straight into the womb. Refrain from positions where leakage of sperm is possible. Avoid getting up right away after an intercourse and let the sperm settle longer in your vagina.

Monitor your ovulation with ovulation kits

Ovulation kits are available in the market and will help you raise your chances of getting pregnant. Its edge compared to charting your cycle is that it is easy to use and won’t confuse you. These kits will read your leutenizing hormone levels prior ovulation. A surge in level indicates a perfect time to have sex with your husband so be watchful of it.

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