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Why Trying to Conceive Over 40 Is Highly Encouraged by the Experts

Having fears regarding late motherhood? How about an issue with infertility? Still wanting a baby at 40 but you are thinking that it’s already unsafe for you to conceive when you reach that age? If your answer to these questions is a sounding yes, then you are mistaken.

Trying to conceive over 40 isn’t as complicated as it would sound. Many issues about late conception are known to women and it has been passed from one generation to another. But not all issues are proven true. Risks, complications and danger in pregnancy are fairly avoidable in most cases. Even infertility issues have its resolve and late motherhood offers a wide array of benefits both to the woman and the child.

Experts have found out that it is still possible and safe for women to carry a child especially if they are leading a healthy lifestyle, are obstetrically well and have no existing medical condition, aside of course from infertility itself. In fact, trying to conceive over 40 is now highly encouraged and is given with utmost support. The good news is that you won’t even have to resort to conventional treatments for infertility. You can get pregnant in that age naturally!

Studies show that those who enter motherhood at the age of 40 live longer than those who conceive at an earlier age. This is accounted to heredity. If you have someone in your family who delivered a baby successfully around the age of 40, there is a greater possibility that you too will benefit as it adds up to your longevity, meaning, extended fertility period. Genetics, bringing more influence than other factors, take part in long-lasting fertility and longer life spans. In line with this is the delay in menopausal period. It has also been found to be linked with fertility thus sustaining the study about life spans. The later you reach your menopausal period, the longer your longevity.

Aside from what genetics contribute, late motherhood means established financial security, stable emotional and psychological well-being.

You don’t need to quit trying to conceive over 40 as along with it are benefits, not harm. Put your hopes up because dealing with your issues about late motherhood and infertility can even make you strive to achieve pregnancy.


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