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Women: How to Use the Art of Text Messages to Revive Your Relationship

Today, text messages have been used by a good number of women in order to strengthen their dying relationship. This particular method has been given two thumbs up by most women around the globe after working very well on their relationships.

A lot of success stories have been circulating everywhere and many people who have had breakups or failing relationships have testified about the magic behind texting back their romance.

The following are ways a woman can take advantage of text messages in order to add the spark back into their failing relationships:

First, every woman should respond positively to the texts  a man sends her. This can be used as an effective tool to show a man that his lover is always caring and forgiving. Replying back arrogantly would suggest that a woman is ready for revenge and this can be a major put off for many men.

Secondly, a woman should try as much as possible to remind her spouse of the good days they had together. A wise woman who is ready to win back the heart of her man should include that she longs for such days to happen again in the near future. This can provoke a man?s desire to accept her back and revitalize their relationship.

Third, a wise woman should promise to change if she is the reason for the ruined relationship. This trick can work great wonders because at this stage the man will have seen the seriousness in a woman to rekindle the love.

He will be convinced and certain in his heart that his wife loves him for sure.

Fourth, if possible, a woman should send her man numerous multimedia messages such as pictures of flowers at different times. Recent photos of both of you while you were still together and happy will inspire great memories in him.

Such photos should be accompanied by compliments and nice words. It is natural that men like compliments when they do nice things. This trick can work very nicely for you because he will learn that you always appreciate him.

Lastly, create a room for discussion with him when he texts back asking for a private meeting between the two of you. You should text him back and let him know you’ll be available whenever the two of you can agree on a time that’s convenient.

Avoid as much as possible any instance that can create conflict while texting, especially at this particular stage. Cooperation is a virtue at this stage because it shows that you have already won his heart again. This will be a big step towards success into bringing him back after a dying relationship.

Women should try this secret of texting back the romance in order to rekindle their dying relationship. This secret is very important to all women regardless of their age. This means any woman can use this important idea to guard her relationship against total collapse.


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