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Your Heart is Breaking – How do You Get Him Back?

Your heart is breaking. That’s a fairly common denominator after a divorce or breakup. You even want to get him back. You still believe that he’s the one. All you need now is to convince him that you’re still the one for him.

Unfortunately, your confidence, in the days and weeks following a breakup, is at an all-time low. It makes it difficult to sell yourself when you don’t have complete faith in the product you’re peddling. So, what can you do to restore your confidence and win him back?

 Start in the Mirror

Look at your reflection and let your inner diva loose. I’m not talking about trash talking yourself or putting yourself down. The last thing you want to do is make yourself feel even worse.

What you need to do by letting your inner diva loose is put a little color in your cheeks, get rid of the bags under your eyes, and stop wearing mascara that’s going to leave you looking like Tammy Faye Bakker every time you cry.

Find ways to bring out the best of your beauty. Then, find new and clever ways to hide your perceived flaws. You know, accentuate the positive. Let that be your focus for the moment.

 Rejoin the World of the Living

If you’re anything like most girls after a breakup, you’ve been holed up at home with a pint of Haagen-Dazs and a spoon at the ready since the moment you got the news. The only time you’re out and about is to replenish your ice cream supply and to work (if you don’t have an adequate number of vacation days saved up to  cover your time of crisis).  It’s time to break out of your shell and get back in the real world.

Even if you’re heart’s not in it, you want to look like you’re back on the market. Why’s that so important? Because it will put him on the defensive. It will leave him wondering why you’re able to bounce back so quickly. It will cause him to examine his role in the relationship and where he may have been lacking as well. Most important of all, because it puts YOU on HIS mind – a LOT. And that’s the one thing you want most right now.

But, how you turn all this around and make it work in your favor to win him back? It seems like an awful lot to go through without actually doing anything to win him back, right? Not so much. Believe it or not, you’re doing things the right way this way and putting the pressure on him to make the first move.

Let him see that you’re still looking good and going out on the town. He’s going to be the one interested in discovering your secret. He’s going to be dying to know why you aren’t more broken up over this.

He’s GOING to call. Do you have any clue what to say when he does? Let me help you come up with the perfect response to leave him breathlessly waiting for your next call.


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